V034: Brio App Enabled Engine

Key data

Category: V - Vehicles

Location: O (On loan)

Age range: 4+

Number of pieces: 87

Number of unique pieces: 35


1 plastic box

1 lid

1 app enabled engine

1 carriage

4 building platforms

5 building poles

2 building roofs

5 building walls

1 market shop display shelf

4 long ascending ramp tracks

2 long straight tracks

2 medium straight tracks

2 short straight tracks

4 mini straight tracks

4 end ramp tracks

2 end buffer stops

4 bridge track supports

11 long curved tracks

4 short curved tracks

1 T switch intersection

1 cross track intersection

1 long curved switch intersection

2 short curved switch intersections

2 criss cross tracks intersections

3 brio people

2 tables

3 chairs

3 vegetable market blocks

2 plant blocks

1 cash register block

1 semi circular doorstep

1 ladder

1 slide

1 bed

2 flat plastic garden pieces


Description: This engine can be remote controlled by downloading the 'BRIO App Enabled Engine' App to your device and connecting it via bluetooth. Without an app it can still be used by using the buttons on the top of the engine.

Alerts and warnings