G898: Barenpark Game

Key data

Category: G - Games

Location: O (On loan)

Age range: 8+

Number of pieces: 162

Number of unique pieces: 21


1 box

1 lid

3 pieces to make box dividers

1 large supply board

16 gridded park areas

16 green food street tiles

10 green toilet tiles

10 green playground tiles

16 green river tiles

16 octagon bear statue tiles

30 rectangle achievement tiles

7 blue polar bear house tiles

7 yellow gobi bear house tiles

7 grey panda house tiles

7 green koala house tiles

3 polar bear enclosure tiles

3 gobi bear enclosure tiles

3 panda enclosure tiles

3 koala enclosure tiles

1 instructions

1 raeco bag

Sponsor: Nelson Alexander


Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: The pieces in this game are not marked with a toy library ID. Please take care of them and pack them away when they are not in play.